Our Infrastructure

Conductor :- Naviflex Cables are available with both aluminium and copper conductors. It is manufactured with Solid/Stranded Circular/ Shaped Aluminium / Copper Conductor. Stranding makes Cables flexible and easy to handle while shaping makes them compact.
Dielectric Insulation :-Insulation for Naviflex cables is strictly as per National and International specifications. Naviflex cables are designed and manufactured with polymer dielectrics to bear thermal and thermo mechanical stresses safely at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions. Naviflex cables are available with both thermoplastic & thermo setting insulations.
Laying Up :-Cores are tested on line during production both for physical and electrical characteristics. Control is observed within tight tolerance limits for dimensions in case of PVC/XLPE insulation. For multi core cables cores are laid up on our latest laying up machine equipped with sector correction equipment. In case of XLPE insulated cores the same are cured so as to impart the requisite characteristics both electrical and mechanical and then are laid up
Inner Sheath :-Laid up cables are provided with inner sheath with high quality of PVC which acts as bedding for steel wire / strip armouring. Wherever required, filler cords are provided to maintain the circularity to laid up cables.
Armouring :-Mechanical protection to the cable is provided with armouring. Naviflex single core cables are armoured with Aluminium or Aluminium alloy wire/strips, thus avoiding magnetic hysteresis losses on A. C. System.
Outer Sheath :-All Naviflex Cables are provided With PVC/polymer outer sheath.
Final Testing :- Each Naviflex Cable is Tested for all applicable Routine Tests.

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