Naviflex Cables Industries , would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of “NAVIFLEX” BRAND Electric Wires & Cables. Naviflex Cables Industries stared Manufacturing of cables in 2006. During the last 12 years, the company has expanded considerably. NAVIFLEX Cables has emerged as a reliable and credible name when it comes to wires and cables..

Naviflex Cables Industries has kept pace with the requirement of Electrical sector in the county. The quality of cables is maintained at the highest level with the introduction of the latest processing techniques and testing procedures. The in process quality control tests are carried out at various stages of manufacturing. Naviflex cables industries product are covered by licences under the certification mark scheme of the Indian Standards Institution. Naviflex Cables Industries plants are ISO-9001 certified with world -class manufacturing and R&D infrastructure and is working very closely for technology upgradation.

Over the last few years, Naviflex Cables Industries has been investing into modern plants and machinery to achieve global competitiveness both in items of technology and cost structures. With this company has been able to enter into contracts for supplying their products to most quality conscious govt. department & private companies. Naviflex Cables Industries are on the approved list of state Electricity Boards & industrial units in public and Private sector etc.

Naviflex Cables Industries has built a confidence in its confidence in its customers by reliable supply of quality materials. Well trained technicians and total quality assurance system adds to the infra-structure for the most reliable product. The large volume of business which Naviflex Cables Industries have been receiving is ample testimony to the reputation that the Naviflex Cables Industries products have established. Naviflex Cables Industries have a well equipped modern testing laboratory the backbone is highly qualified and experienced engineers and other professional who strive for consistent high-quality control to meet stringent national and international specifications and ultimately customer's satisfaction.

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